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Creoqode 2048 Display

64 x 32 RGB LED Matrix

The name 2048 refers to the special display that is used for this game console. The display is made of 2048 individual LED chips that are placed in a matrix form. The brightness, range of colours and 64 x 32 resolution provides a very attractive platform for users to create their own retro-style video games.

Direct connection can be made between the input pins on the display and the Creoqode Mini Mega with jumper wires. Operating voltage for the display is 5V and it can draw up 4A current on full brightness. However, for Creoqode 2048, the maximum current is limited to 2A.

The display is formed of 2048 LED chips that are aligned in a 64 x 32 matrix form, providing an attractive platform for users to create their own retro-style video games.

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