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Installing Retropie

January 1, 2020 | Creoqode Team




Just like your personal computer runs with an operating system (OS) like Windows, Mac OS or Linux, Lyra needs its own OS in order to provide a user friendly interface and to run video games.

Micro SD card that is provided with the kit will act as the hard disk of Lyra. Both OS and video games will be installed to this SD card. Plug this micro SD card to your PC using the SD card adapter and let's begin!

For retro gaming purposes, we are going to use Retropie as the OS for Lyra. Retropie is a system to emulate video games and it is built on top of Raspbian (OS for Raspberry Pi). We have created a custom Retropie image that is pre-configured for Lyra. Download it by clicking the link below:

Download Retropie Image for Creoqode Lyra

In order to install this OS to the micro SD card, you will need a software called disk imager. A good option that is free to download is Win32 Disk Imager. Download it by clicking the link below:

Download Win32 Disk Imager

After installing the disk imager, run it and you will see a window as below:


Start by unzipping Click on the browse icon and select the Retropie image you just unzipped. From the device tab, make sure to select the right directory name your PC has given for the SD card. This would be different for any PC. Then, click on 'Write' and the image will be written on the SD card.


After writing process is finished, plug the micro SD card to your Lyra and turn it on from the slide switch on the bottom left corner. After a couple of seconds, you should see the Creoqode opening theme and Retropie's main menu should appear.

That's it! Lyra now has its OS.

Now, proceed to the next chapter to learn how to upload video games to Lyra.




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