2048 | DIY Open-Source Game Console

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2048 is an all-inclusive DIY game console kit that allows users to create their own video games whilst learning about coding.

  • 2048 is an all-inclusive DIY game console kit that allows users to create their own unique retro-style video games whilst learning about coding.


    It is a great opportunity for users to improve their hardware skills and learn about the working principles of a game console's components without the need for any additional tools for assembly. Booklets and video tutorials are provided to guide users through the whole assembly process and to help new beginners with coding in order to make them experience a smoother start. 


    Creoqode 2048 is officially licensed as an Arduino AtHeart product. It complies with Arduino’s high hardware standards and is fully compatible with the Arduino Software (IDE).


    The display formed of 2048 LED chips and Creoqode Mini Mega development board are the perfect match for practising your coding skills in a fun way. Mini Mega development board, which is fully compatible with Arduino IDE, enables users to create their own video games and to customise their game console by adding many different types of sensors and electronic gadgets. Users can enjoy their Creoqode 2048 as a game console, as a music visualiser or even convert their game console into a remote control for their drone.



    - Creoqode Mini Mega Development Board x 1
    - Creoqode LED Matrix Display x1
    - Creoqode 2048 Casing x 1
    - Black Push Buttons x 6
    - Power Supplier & Charger Module x 1
    - Battery & Battery Holder x 1
    - USB to TTL Serial Converter x 1
    - Jumper Wires x 50
    - Display Power Cable x 1
    - Micro-USB Charger Cable x 1
    - Mini-USB Data Cable x 1
    - Hardware Pack x 1
    - Assembly Booklet x 1
    - Stickers x 3



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